Okna z drewna wspaniałe, obecnie stosuje się nowoczesną technologię przy produkcji, kleje oraz środki impregnujące czyli chemia. Może warto zastanowić się nad przyrodą, czy aby nie szkoda lasów. Zajmujemy się produkcją okien od 1996 roku, okna z tworzywa PCV które produkujemy posiadają wyłącznie profile V komorowe z szarą uszczelką.

okna pcv Kraków

We warmly welcome you to the website of OKNOPLAN, a manufacturer of windows and doors made of PVC and aluminium. We built up in Cracow factory equipped in the most modern productive line, which taking care about good of our clients allow us to offer yet more and cheap. We, to support facts mentioned above, let the State five-year-old cycle of guarantee on our windows and doors executed from PCV. The individual system of approach marks to client our firm. We guarantee realization of every order according to our client's intention.

Our products can be set up by authorized team, which workers have perennial experience. We take care to realize all orders on time, therefore we chose the staff of our firm very thoroughly. Our qualified and experienced workers guarantee to discharge from every obligation with reliability and precision. We treat our trade partners very seriously, what facilitates us to link new contacts and to undertake new co-operations.

All of You which stand already before decision or stand up before it in future: "Which windows choose?" we - command deciding our products. Their variety which speaks across huge possibilities of composition of shapes, colors, different kinds of pane and many different elements of windows, is able to satisfy even the most refined taste.

What is more we guarantee for our clients friendly price as well as attractive conditions of delivery andsetting up. In our offer we also have balcony windows, entrance doors from PCV and aluminium, window-blind, the shutter, shopwindow, buildings of balconies.

President Board

Andrew Woźniak

Factory Building Woodwork "OKNOPLAN" Poland Cracow telephone
+48 12 417 24 88